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          Shenxian Lishengyuan New Energy Co., Ltd. is located in the northern section of Ganquan Road, Xinxian County. It was established in 1996. It is a professional manufacturer of fatty acids using soybean oleic acid as raw materials. Fatty acids are basic chemical raw materials, which are widely used and stable in the market. Mainly used for deep processing of paints, coatings and other products. The company has a registered capital of 16 million yuan, covers an area of 38 acres, and has 70 employees. The land, safety assessment, environmental impact assessment and other procedures are complete, and the three waste treatment facilities are complete and in good operation. It has passed the four ratings and one evaluation of the provincial chemical enterprise in 2018. acceptance.

          With the continuous development of urban construction, the current land for the project no longer conforms to the new urban planning of Xinxian County. The government requires enterprises to retreat from the city and enter the park. There are devices for upgrading and transformation, the products are upgraded from mixed fatty acids to vegetable oleic acid, and auxiliary devices are added to extend downstream high value-added products to form an oil industry chain. The total land area of the construction project is 51.4 mu, and the total investment of the project is 220 million yuan, including 120 million yuan in fixed assets and 100 million yuan in working capital.

          The main construction contents are: 20000T/year high-purity vegetable oleic acid: mainly used for the production of diesel anti-wear agent and base oil, 25000T/year ordinary vegetable oleic acid: mainly used for the production of dimer acid and high-grade paint, 10000T/year environment-friendly esters Auxiliary: used in various rubber and plastic additives, high-quality ester additives can be used in food and pharmaceutical industries. Our company is an upgrade and reconstruction project of retreating from the city and entering the park. Through the transformation of technology and equipment, the fatty acid is upgraded to high-quality vegetable oleic acid, and the process technology of German Lutsch is adopted. The technology is currently leading in the world and first-class in China. Improve the level of automatic operation, and all processes such as hydrolysis, distillation, and packaging are automatically controlled, which not only saves labor costs, but also improves operational safety and realizes product diversification. Our company mainly uses vegetable oil plant scraps (acidified oil) as raw materials, extends downstream on the basis of existing products, forms an oil industry chain, and improves the added value of products and the ability of enterprises to resist risks.

          For the first time in the same industry in the country, the rubber and plastic additive workshop adopts an automatic control system, integrates the most advanced short-range molecular distillation device, and is based on the manufacture of rubber and plastic functional additive product solutions that can completely replace imported products. After the project is completed and put into production, it will realize sales income of 800 million yuan, pay 60 million yuan in profits and taxes, and provide 120 jobs.
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