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          Dear friends:
          Li Shengyuan Welcome to our website, thank you for your attention and support!
          Our main product is soybean oil fatty acid, oleic acid, a by-product glycerin, Pointe-Noire, the company has strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, a sound management system. Our products are widely used in paint, oil, household chemicals, rubber, textiles, plastics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Our products are widely used in paint and chemical industries, production technology and product quality have obtained the approval of the Ministry of Chemical Industry Institute of paint, alkyd resin, fatty acid production of raw materials widely used internationally, the majority of customers, and far pin Africa, the Middle East and other countries.
          I will firmly establish the company from top to bottom and maintain customer awareness and brand awareness, thoroughly implement the "technological innovation, technological innovation, management innovation" concept, and with the future development of the vision, with a more open mind, keep up the pace, with outstanding operating performance returns to investors, social returns!
          We would like to recruit more capable, to make friends, we sincerely welcome customers and friends at home and abroad to establish a guest Shengyuan, guidance, negotiations and cooperation, common development and create a better tomorrow!
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